Zara Man Summer Collection: an inmersive catwalk

Zara Man Summer Collection, an experience of fashion catwalk immersive, with innovative audio-visual effects and cutting-edge technology.

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Zara Man Summer Collection

Zara Man Summer Collection, nuestro objetivo era claro: transformar un simple rodaje en una experiencia que capturara la esencia de la moda y elevara el impacto de la colección.

To achieve this, we deployed an impressive range of technologic and creative resources. A giant LED wall of a tremendous size, 12 x 3m high. The LED wall became the perfect backdrop to bring to life the garment. The virtual catwalk came to life in this screen, injecting dynamism and excitement at every step.

But there we stopped there for this projected Zara Man Summer Collection. We understood the importance of details and how to make the difference. LED monitors of 75 inches, arranged in vertical format, created an intimate atmosphere that immersed the viewer in each garment, in every texture and every design.

Our innovation had no limits. For a touch even more spectacular, we incorporate an LED screen on the ground, forming a set of seven screens 122 cm x 122 cm This strategic arrangement not only surprised visually, but that also allowed for an immersive experience, taking the viewer to a dimension where the fashion is fused with technology.

The heart of this production technique lay in our six cameras Sony FX6. These cameras not only captured the collection in all its splendour, but were also key pieces to create the feeling of being in an authentic fashion catwalk. To make sure that every detail was synchronized perfectly, controlábamos the whole process by using a server double Resolume, ensuring flawless execution and synchronized.

To sum up, our work for Zara was not just a shoot of fashion, it was a unique experience that fused fashion with technology in a way that is harmonious and captivating. From the immense LED screen that gave life to the runway, to the audio-visual effects, creating an environment in a captivating manner, every aspect of our work had a goal: to emphasize the collection of unforgettable ways.

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